Allergies Policy

At Milliefox Cakes & Cafe we want everyone to enjoy the same delicious experience. With that in mind we always try to ensure that we have something available in the cafe for dairy free, gluten free and egg free customers. 

We rarely use nuts in our baking, but if we do it is done totally separately from all other baking and then sealed in a separate cake dome for sale. 

Free from cakes and bakes are made separately from other bakes and we ensure we have fully cleaned and sanitised between bakes to avoid cross contamination.

As will all baking establishments we do our very best to ensure that cross contamination does not occur but flour can linger in the air so with any gluten free cakes we cannot guarantee that there is no gluten in the air. 

If you are a celiac please inform us of this at the time of ordering/purchase so that we can try to accommodate you to the best of out ability.

All our products are labelled in accordance to Natasha’s law.

If you need any information on ingredients please feel free to contact us.